Thursday, September 4, 2014


It was a nice experience. I was presenting something in front of mass for the first time and I was feeling nervous. A bit frightened and more excited. Yes, I was in front of students to present about "CSIT(Computer Science and IT)" for the first time with my buddies, Rajan Kandel and Suraj Bhusal.

The event was started by Rajan with "FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) ka Kura". After that me along with Suraj were there to talk and discuss about CSIT. Some interactive students made the session interesting. Talking about Computer Science, Information Technology and the differences between CS and IT was really awosome. It was a great experience to be with you Swastik guys. I am thankful to Mr. Lok Raj Pandey for offering the event.

And it will be my mistake if I forget to talk about white rabbit, that beautiful white rabbit.