Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was the great day. In many sense the day was beautiful. And it was a bit more special day for me.

Nepal got the historic success in the sports field yesterday and I felt like I was one of the contributor to it though I was just audience. Nepal succeeded to reach to the WORLD CUP. wowwww... really great

And I was a bit more happy. I listened to you. Listened to you for the first time. :D :)

Language Problem

Just seen an example, how a language matters. Realized that in case of going to unknown places, first of all the language of that place must be known. Else the situation will be very poor.

Few days ago, a tourist was there near my college trying to tell something to me. He was speaking in his local language. I got nothing and again he showed me his cellphone. Again I was messed there, the language in the cell was very new for me. No English.  I was confused, but made to put his cellphone in my ear. Someone was speaking there!!!

Then I got relieved. The language was known and I talked to the person in the cell. I told the location where the person I met was and got the location to where the person wanted to be at. I showed him the direction of his destination. :D


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Love :D

I am shocked, I am surprised. Don't know why so, and do not have any reasons too but I am surprised by me myself. I am in love. I am in love with my cellphone. Every time I am with this gadget. Do not know what is attracting me so much. Just pressing the keys and keys every time. Each time text and text, I am now addicted to it. Keys are damaged too. But still I am in love. In a deep love. Hope this one won't be dangerous for me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My first voting experience || CA Election

I am lucky and feeling it. The rare election for constituent assembly which was then called "only one chance for the era" in 2064 BS is back again. Its the second chance for Nepalese people and the first historic chance for me. I am lucky in the sense that I am also the voter in this  CA election and I were not then (2064 BS) as I were underage then :D. And again I feel more lucky as my first voting right is used for writing the constitution of my nation NEPAL.( Lets see back, if the election of the FSU(Free Student Union) was not cancelled at the last moment before few months, it would be my second voting which could not be this much historic :D :D). Now I am realising that everything that happens is for good for better and for best.

And my epxprience of the first voting was interesting. After casting vote, I feel like to vote again. :P But I am fully unsatisfied with the management of the poll system.The volunteers for the election were of no use, and did nothing as I saw. I think they were just for the useless expenditure of the fund of the nation. They did not care for the management of the queue. Only the working team was of the police and the temporory police. Volunteers were there to break the queue and to insert their relatives and known person stating them as disabled persons. (Any one can find out if the person is disabled or not in just a glance).

But as a whole, the election was great though it got tensed in few places. Finally, my well wishes for all those who will win the election. Hope you will be able to give us new good constitution.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mozilla Nepal Meetup III

Mozilla Nepal Community organised Mozilla Nepal Meetp III on 9th November,2013 at SAP Falcha Babarmahal on the ocassion of the 9th annivarsary of the Mozilla Firefox.

Mr. Hempal Shrestha explained about the theme of FOSS Nepal, i.e FOSS for education. Simlarly Mr. Surit Aryal discussed about the themes of the Mozilla Nepal Community. Aryal along with Mr. Aavash Mulmi discussed about the fields that can be contributed by the normal people for the Mozilla Community and the Firefox Comunity. According to their listings, some of the fields that can be contributed are SuMo(Support Mozilla), Localisation, testing and question answer, coding, marketintg, developer documentation, design, user research, accessibility, system administration, add ons,education and others.

Mr Subir Pradhanang too, discussed about the theme for this year,Open Web For Open Education. He pointed out the sucess of the Mozilla and Firefox  due to the lead taken by the community such as Mozilla Nepal and others.  Openness in the source code and the collaboration from different open source community is making the sucess of Mozilla and other FOSS projects, as according to him. He also informed that the non technical persons can also equally contribute in this field via different mediums such as marketing, designing and so on.

Similarly the importance of the localisation was also discussed in the event. Many rural and urban people too are not familiar with the english language. The localisattion of the FOSS products like Mozilla, Firefox would be then very beneficial to those people.

Mr Nootan Ghimire was there to talk about the FSAs(Firefox Student Ambassadors), their benefits and their challanges. Dadhiram Nepal showed the importance of the localisation during the discussion in the event.

Apart from the talks and discussions, the event was interesting due to lucky draw for t-shirts and birthday cake of Mozilla Firefox. 6 lucky participants got the t-shirt printed with Mozilla.

Discussion and presentation on SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)of Mozilla Nepal and FSA was really amazing.

Presentation by Shristi Baral on FSA Nepal on Women Empowerment with WoMoz was praiseworthy where she discussed abut the challanges and opportunities to women.

// Edited version will be posted soon.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

CA Election

What is this Constituent Assembly election for? For drafting new constitution, or for a new parliament and new government? In various medias, I have seen our politicians telling people that they will carry out developmental works soon. They are telling that they will make our country developed in a very limited time, very short time. In their election manifesto too they are barking for the same. Is this election for drafting constitution or not? Had I misunderstood this election as election for drafting new constitution or our politicians?

History of Mozilla

The Mozilla project was created in 1998 with the release of the Netscape browser suite source code that was intended to harness the creative power of thousands of programmers on the Internet and fuel unprecedented levels of innovation in the browser market. Within the first year, new community members from around the world had already contributed new functionality, enhanced existing features and became engaged in the management and planning of the project itself.
By creating an open community, the Mozilla project had become larger than any one company. Community members got involved and expanded the scope of the project's original mission—instead of just working on Netscape's next browser, people started creating a variety of browsers, development tools and a range of other projects. People contributed to Mozilla in different ways, but everyone was passionate about creating free software that would enable people to have a choice in how they experienced the Internet.
After several years of development, Mozilla 1.0, the first major version, was released in 2002. This version featured many improvements to the browser, email client and other applications included in the suite, but not many people were using it. By 2002, well over 90% of Internet users were browsing with Internet Explorer. Not many people noticed at the time, but the first version of Phoenix (later renamed to Firefox) was also released by Mozilla community members that year with the goal of providing the best possible browsing experience to the widest possible set of people.
In 2003, the Mozilla project created the Mozilla Foundation, an independent non-profit organization supported by individual donors and a variety of companies. The new Mozilla Foundation continued the role of managing the daily operations of the project and also officially took on the role of promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Internet. It did this by continuing to release software, such as Firefox and Thunderbird, and expanding to new areas, such as providing grants to support accessibility improvements on the Web.
Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004 and became a big success. In less than a year, Firefox had been downloaded over 100 million times. New versions of Firefox have come out regularly since then and keep setting new records. The popularity of Firefox has helped bring choice back to users. In 2008, Firefox reached 20% worldwide market share and renewed competition has accelerated innovation and improved the Internet for everyone.
Mozilla celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. In ten years the community has shown that commercial companies can benefit by collaborating in open source projects and that great end user products can be produced as open source software. More people than ever before are using the Internet and are experiencing it in their own language. A sustainable organization has been created that uses market mechanisms to support a public benefit mission and this model has been reused by others to create open, transparent and collaborative organizations in a broad range of areas.


Make an Egg Float in Salt Water

What you'll need:
  • One egg
  • Water
  • Salt
  • A tall drinking glass

  1. Pour water into the glass until it is about half full.
  2. Stir in lots of salt (about 6 tablespoons).
  3. Carefully pour in plain water until the glass is nearly full (be careful to not disturb or mix the salty water with the plain water).
  4. Gently lower the egg into the water and watch what happens.

What's happening?
Salt water is denser than ordinary tap water, the denser the liquid the easier it is for an object to float in it. When you lower the egg into the liquid it drops through the normal tap water until it reaches the salty water, at this point the water is dense enough for the egg to float. If you were careful when you added the tap water to the salt water, they will not have mixed, enabling the egg to amazingly float in the middle of the glas

Mozilla Nepal Meetup III Coming..

Mozilla Nepal is going to organise its 3rd version of the Mozilla Meetup in the country. First two meetup were mainly focused for the introduction of the Mozilla and Mozilla Nepal Community to the public. But in the 3rd meetup, it is aimed to gather more contributors for the Mozilla in the country. There will be gathering of the all Firefox Students Ambassodors(FSAs) in the event.

Venue SAP Falca, Babarmahal
City Kathmandu
Region Central
Country Nepal

2nd ASCOL OPEN eXpo 2013

After the success of "ASCOL CSIT OPEN EXPO 2012" OSAC is back again with grand event entitled "ASCOL OPEN eXpo" with following details

Event details
Event name : “Ascol Open eXpo 2013”
Date : 31 Bhadra 2070 B.S.
Time : 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Venue : Amrit Science Campus
1. Distro Demonstration and Linux installation Camp
• Demonstration of Fedora
• Demonstration of Ubuntu
• Demonstration of Kolibre
On the spot Linux installation can be done in this event. If you have a laptop and want to install Linux in your laptop then you are most welcome to be a part of this event.

2. Presentation Competition & Presentation By Expert
Presentation on various topics related to Computer/Science/Innovation.
Rules for Presentation Competition:
• The entry fee for each participant is Rs. 100.
• Topic should be related to open source.
• Participant should arrive at college premises by 11:30 am
• Participants should bring 3 pieces of hardcopy of his presentation as well as softcopy.
• Top 3 winners will be selected and will be provided a special gift hamper.
• Certificate of participations will be provided to all the participants.

3. Gaming Competition
• Games on Linux platform
• Competition on many other games like (NFS, Moto Gp, Counter Strike CS)

4. Dart Competition
Any one can come and play the dart and Winners will be provided with a special gift hampers as well as certificate.

5. 3D Movies Show
Different 3D movies (20 minutes long each) will be screened. Each movie can be watched at just Rs 20 and the program will run for whole day.

6. Stalls
Colleges can display the project related to computer and science prepared by their students.
• Each college can take maximum 2 stalls.
• Each stall costs Rs.1000.
• Each stall should have maximum 3 persons.
• Lunch Box and certificate will be provided to each participant.
• The dead line for booking stalls is 25th Bhadra 2070.

7. GB Sata-sat
If you like to exchange any game, software and movie between friends then this event is surely for you. You can come with your hard disk or pen drive and share your data; you can also copy the data from other's storage too.

8. Design Competition
Any student can take part in this event.
• Participant should design using Gimp, Adobe Photo-shop, Coral draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand.
• The entry fee for this event is Rs. 50.
• One winner will be selected and provided with an attractive gift hamper and certificate of participations will be provided to the all participant.

9. Coding Competition
Anyone can participate in this event.
• Participant should write program using any of the languages listed below.
(C, C++, PHP, Java, Java-Script, Python.)
• The entry fee for this event is Rs. 50.
• One winner will be selected and provided with an attractive gift hampers and certificate of participations will be provided to the all participant.

10. Open Chautari
It is an interaction program on Software/Open Software/Physics/Mathematics or any topics of your interest. As most of the participant will be students, it will a discussion of equi-level, like-minded people.

11. Troubleshooting session
Students have to be present at the venue to solve various problems related to Computer/Mobile or other devices.

12 Movie and Photography
Students have to make a short movie(about 2 minutes) and upload it in YouTube. Meanwhile students can also click photo on any topic and have to upload in our Facebook page. Anyone with highest number likes will be declared the winner.
Winner will be selected and provided with an attractive gift hamper.

13 Fossials
At last we will have a lot of funs with live music and dance by we ourselves.

14. Blood Donation Camp

Abhash Adhikari
Expo Coordinator


OSAC ( Open Source Ascol Circle ) is organizing the event namely "ASCOL - CSIT OPEN EXPO 2012 " dated on September 15 , on the occassion of Software Freedom Day . We are organizing this event to support and enhance our enthusiam on freedom to softwares! We are having cool stuffs in the event . Some of the major programmes we we'll be organizing are :
5. GB SATA SAT (Data exchange)
11. OPEN CHAUTARI (Discussion on some topic)

So we cordially like to invite the ones interested . We too expect you to share knowledge among each other as OSAC is established with the motto " LETS LEARN TOGETHER AND SHARE TO OTHER "

Date: Sept 15, 2012

First CSIT Inter College Quiz Mania

Now all the hang up of First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina is over with the wining by the winners, champion of champions New Summit college. If I tell you little bit more about quiz, then it was the quiz competition among 15 participants from around 11 colleges, organized by 2068 batch of BSc CSIT students of Amrit Campus. First trophy has taken by New Summitters, Second by Asian and Third by CAB. I want to show some glance of whole program that I observed over the time as I was indirectly associated with it.
First time when they(organizer of First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina) informed me about their planning and preparation I was really stunned for hearing it , even that was their first program but they are planning as an experienced one. I remember I was almost agreed with them except some nominal points(but I forgot what was it). They was start with standalone but sluggishly they cover whole campus. What they hadn’t done, they run every college whole day, they run lot of companies for sponsorship, they run lot of organizations for support. One of them shared me, some of them highly inspired them support them while some of them humalities  them very badly but they didn’t stop either there. I thought after all they know, they should digest all that for move ahead.

Some people said most of program success depend on Organizer(organizing team). I think this is very true, team work is most gist part of any event, in case of  First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina, organizer team were very good in collaborative work and most of them were seem like they believed in each other. Beside organizer, I felt there was a good team work between participants. I never saw them as participants, because most of program participants were demandable, they were never ready for understanding means they seems very unfamiliar and strange. But here they were very different, they were very familiar, tends like a family, they were very understandable with every situations. I means here for this program, organizer’s effort was not countable for success every participants had done their fair role to make this program success.
I made some point while speech there, this program should not just limit for winning the trophy or title. But after this moment, it must tend toward the great collaboration with each student of BSc CSIT. We know this will help for sharing to caring with each individual. We have a reality that we are new in nation but we are going to have a competition with the consistent and stable players of market, so we know we will not getting easy to make us comparable with them. So we need to work together, Unification rises Strength.rogram, organizer’s effort was not countable for success every participants had done their fair role to make this program success.

I hope we will get to be part of more innovative program in coming days, after we all known with same name CSIT.


Published on: 19th August, 2012


I would like to apologise because I were unable to update the blog regularly. Though being late I will be updating from this day

Which I learned in my life

->You can not make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.
->No matter how much you care, some people just do not care back.
->Heroes are the person who do what has to be done when it needs to be done regardless of the consequences.
->My best friend and I can do anything or nothing and have the best time.
->Two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.


Someone asked life
Why are you so difficult?
Life smiled and replied
"You people never appreciate easy things"

You are Just Shoe

You were absolutely right. When we have foot we can change the shoes any time. If the shoes become useless, of course we have to change our shoes. But dear keep one thing in the mind. If you love a pair of shoe so much and if it damages, surely one will be sad. That was my first shoe. so, I became sad. And do you know I had cried for very long time in the memory of that shoe. Its not difficult to find me another shoe, I have already find it. But the first pair is always the best one. Always missing that shoe.
And do you know. one day you might also become the shoe of the person who can change you any time.
You are just a bad shoe.
Shoe of my foot.
My foot.
You go to hell.

Original edition:19th July