Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My first voting experience || CA Election

I am lucky and feeling it. The rare election for constituent assembly which was then called "only one chance for the era" in 2064 BS is back again. Its the second chance for Nepalese people and the first historic chance for me. I am lucky in the sense that I am also the voter in this  CA election and I were not then (2064 BS) as I were underage then :D. And again I feel more lucky as my first voting right is used for writing the constitution of my nation NEPAL.( Lets see back, if the election of the FSU(Free Student Union) was not cancelled at the last moment before few months, it would be my second voting which could not be this much historic :D :D). Now I am realising that everything that happens is for good for better and for best.

And my epxprience of the first voting was interesting. After casting vote, I feel like to vote again. :P But I am fully unsatisfied with the management of the poll system.The volunteers for the election were of no use, and did nothing as I saw. I think they were just for the useless expenditure of the fund of the nation. They did not care for the management of the queue. Only the working team was of the police and the temporory police. Volunteers were there to break the queue and to insert their relatives and known person stating them as disabled persons. (Any one can find out if the person is disabled or not in just a glance).

But as a whole, the election was great though it got tensed in few places. Finally, my well wishes for all those who will win the election. Hope you will be able to give us new good constitution.