Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Days Training of UNI NLC

This story is about training. Leadership training.....

I got a call from Prakash dai.. He told me many things but understood nothing

and I proposed for a meeting. He accepted but couldnot meet at that day. The

day was 18th September. And 20th September was the day this year when

software freedom day was going to be celebrated.  I was the part of

organising team. There I saw Prakash dai and talked what was he telling me in

the phone. He told anout some UNI...UNO... umions and there too I couldnot

understand more. He told me training will be from 22nd September and I too

was ready to join the training. The day passed and the there was a day, 22nd


I was called at Babar Mahal for the vehicle. I went there at sharp 8. There

were few people. After a while, I come to know that they too were the

participants and from Nepal Telecom. I did not talk a lot and vehicle was

there for pick up. In the way, I met Maina Thapa of Rastriya Samachar Samiti.

 We had some talks there and move towards bus.